Hugo Salazar Chuqimango


Hugo Salazar Chuqimango

Hugo Salazar Chuqimango

Born and raised in the bustling capital of Peru, Lima, Hugo is a contemporary artist who has honed his skills at the School of Fine Arts and the Institute of Visual Arts Edith Sachs. A true genius, Hugo’s art is a unique blend of various artistic styles that range from the Italian Renaissance to the Surrealist movement.

Inspired by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, Hugo’s sketches are reminiscent of those of the old masters themselves. In his paintings, one can also see elements of the Surrealist movement, with its vibrant colours, surreal figures, and optical illusions.

Influenced by the works of Sigmund Freud, Hugo’s art often reflects his inner self and the themes of Greek and Roman mythology. Despite being labelled as a surrealist artist, Hugo considers himself a symbolist artist, using his art to represent the brutal and cruel aspects of life as seen in the works of Francisco Goya.

With compositions reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch, Hugo’s art is truly one of a kind, blending elements of the past with his own unique vision and style.



2022 IV Drawing Contest in its category Consecrated Artists at the John Harriman Gallery of the British Institute of Lima-Miraflores, Lima, Peru’

2022 Painting Contest of the Museum of the Central Reserve Bank, Lima, Peru’

2018 XXVIII Michell Painting Contest 2018 Lima, Peru’

2016 XLIV National Watercolour Show of the ICPNA Lima, Peru’

2010 XII National Painting Exhibition of the ICPNA Lima, Peru’


Solo Exhibitions

2019 “The tree of life”, English Court, alternative space of the Enlace A.C Gallery Lima, Peru’

2018 Horti Lamiani Gallery Rome, Italy

2017 “Dream tracker”, Juan Pardo Heeren Gallery, ICPNA, Lima, Peru’

2016 “Effigies of desire” English Court, alternate space of Enlace A.C Gallery Lima, Peru’

2014 “Nude soldier” Anne Kesch Gallery, Chorrillos- Lima, Peru’

2013 “Excluded at random” ICPNA Miraflores Gallery Lima, Peru’

2012 “Muestra de dibujos” Alternative Space of Step 100. Center of Lima, Peru’

2011 “Fantasius stories of woodcutter” Enlace Gallery – Contemporary Art Lima, Peru’

2011 “Numbed by waking” Juan Pardo Heeren Gallery ICPNA Lima, Peru’


Collective Exhibitions

2018 Temporary Gallery in Berlin, Germany

2018 Museum of Americans in Miami, USA

2016 Diego Rivera Cultural Centre in Puerto Montt, Chile

2014 Las Condes Cultural Corporation in Santiago de Chile, Chile

CATEGORY: Painting


BY Hugo Salazar Chuqimango