Ian Brennan


Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan is revered by many as one of Europe’s most exciting emerging artists, with his work highly sought after. Ian’s work is fast becoming a collector’s item.

Originally from Co. Limerick in Ireland, Ian now bases himself between London and the rich rural landscape of County Cork. Working with several interior designers and architects, Brennan’s paintings have found homes all over the world, from LA to restaurants and homes in London.

Training as a psychotherapist in his late twenties, Brennan brings the depth of the inward journey into his artwork.

Talking of his work, he comments:

“Each piece of my work contains many layers, much like the human psyche. My job as an artist is to explore each layer of my paintings as a part of myself. Only when I make peace with that part of myself can I move onto the next layer of a painting.
I don’t just paint the human body, I paint the human feelings covered in flesh.”

Moving beyond his work on the human form, Brennan’s abstract landscapes are his response to the elements and to nature. He combines close observation with intriguing surface textures, balancing the composition and creating a unique representation of his own internal landscape.

Brennan’s engaging and open-ended narrative in his paintings allows the viewer to be suspended in a dreamlike reality. The artist does not offer defined answers; however, the viewer is encouraged to enter a world within the piece and explore it with their own sensibility. Essentially, much of Brennan’s work is a plateau for personal exploration. While enticing tones and textures draw the observer into a tactile surface and act as a guide, they’re encouraged to fill in the blanks with their own interpretation.

Each of Brennan’s pieces explores the enigmatic nature of individuality, reflecting the artist’s trust in the experience of surrendering and unfolding.

Brennan states:

“Each painting feels more like a sculpting of sorts. I prefer to work with a stiff paint and often incorporate builders materials into some of my works to make the paint feel more like clay. I try in as much as possible to invite the viewer into my paintings and to arouse a sense of curiosity.”


2021 City of Chianciano Award at London’s Art Biennale, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2019 “I’m Enough”, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin and The Courthouse, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

2018 “I’m Enough” City of Culture 2018, Cork City, Ireland

Collective Exhibitions

2022 Chianciano Biennale Tuscany, Italy

2021 Flux Exhibition, London, UK

2021 London Art Biennale, UK

2018 Kinsale Arts Fest, Ireland


2022 Interviewed by Tracey Emin for her artists residency
Artwork used for Jack O Rourke’s album “Wild Place”
Portrait live auctioned by Lord Jeffrey Archer at The Dorchester London for a children’s cancer charity UK

CATEGORY: Painting


BY Ian Brennan