Marco Abrate


Marco Abrate

Marco Abrate

Working from a shared base of Turin and Milan, Marco Abrate is the artist behind ‘Rebor’
street art. Born in Savigliano in 1996, Marco studied Graphics at the Albertina Academy of
Turin with 110 and Lode. Having exhibited his work in Italy, Marco has also exhibited at the
MAC Museum in São Paulo, Brazil, the Venice Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia 2022,
Wopart Fair, Ca’ Pesaro Galleria Internazionale, The Pistoletto Foundation and the
Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation in Venice.
Marco says of his works, “I try to highlight the traits of an evolution of street art focused on
the need to take a position on communication, on common ways of living and thinking.”
Marco expresses this through two core parallel artistic paths: Disvelamenti and Pink.
In Disvelamenti, Marco creates fake concrete walls, on which he applies fragments of plaster
that form images that are hidden in the context and must be discovered and
Identified by the viewer. Maybe they will see the hidden images, maybe they will not. Using
pareidolia – or the ability to see images and shapes almost everywhere – Marco highlights
the imperative aspect of creativity and, in doing so, he reaffirms the need for a return to the
starting for free and conscious choices. As an artist, Marco plays with wonder and mystery.
Adding depth and value to these works, Marco inserts them in large, meaningful frames
which he uses to emphasise the importance of searching for shapes and figures. He
encourages the viewer to even access memory to source shapes and figures, searching the
raw material and its unpredictable and surprising combinations.
The artist’s other discourse, Pink, sees Marco creating installations in a pink colour that are
created to last just a few days. Displaying them on the streets and through the support of
the media, the Pink works enjoy a second life which highlights and bears witness to the
degradation and defaillances of our time.
What sets the work of this artist aside from many others is that very little of his work is ever
physically seen by the general public. More often, it is viewed through the media, which
then makes the media’s coverage become part of the artwork.
As an artist, Marco uses digital resources to create new forms of actions, connecting
especially with AI working with new technologies actively rather than passively.

2023 selected by Swatch for the 90-day artist residency in Shanghai, at the Swatch Peace
2022 “Artefici del nostro tempo” Biennale di Venezia, First prize street art section, Venice
Pavilion, Venice, Italy
2022 “Premio Videoinsight” finalist, Videoinsight Foundation, Turin, Italy
2019 “Premio Luciano Bolis”, Palzzo Ducale, Genova, Italy
2018 “Art Award” of the magazine “Arte” semifinalist, Mondadori, Italy
2017 “Premio Maurizio Collino” First prize, Turin, Italy

Permanent Collections
– Foundation Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy
– Ca’ Pesaro Museum of Venice, Italy
– Collection Mollea Ceirano, Torino, Italy
– Comune di Torino Collection, Torino, Italy
– Filippo Scroppo Foundation, Torre Pellice, Italy
– National Portarait Gallery of London, UK
– Civica Collezione d’Arte di Palazzo Vittone, Pinerolo, Italy

Solo exhibitions
2021 “Hidden Images” critical text by Giorgio Bonomi at Hub Art Gallery, Milan, Italy
2020 “Pensiero Vuoto”, curated by Renata Fabbri and Leonardo Caffo, Renata Fabbri
Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy
2019 “Pink” presented by Filippo Mollea Ceirano at the conference “Ad inferos” held during
the graduation hall of the University of Turin Palazzo Nuovo, Italy
2018 “Rebor and the memory of Urban Space ”Ingenio Contemporary Art” curateb by Elena
Inchingolo and Tea Taramino, Turin.

Collective Exhibitions
2022 “Love Bombing Gas Lighting”, Videoinsight Foundation, Torino, Italy
2022 “Progetto Itaca Benefit Auction” Museo dell’ Automobile, Torino, Italy
2022 WopArt fair in Lugano, in collaboration with MA-EC gallery in Milan, Lugano,
2022 “Il latte dei sogni” 59 Venice Biennale 2022 Venice Pavilion, Venice, Italy
2022 “Neapolis, new city new arts” at the monumental complex of Sant’Anna dei Lombardi,
Naples, Italy
2021 MAC Museum of Contemporary Art in San Paolo, Mostra “Além de 2020 arte italiana
na pandemia” a Cura di Nicolas Ballario e Teresa Emanuele, San Paolo, Brazil
2020 Rea Art Fair international, Fabbrica del Vapore of Milan, in collaboration with “Hub Art”
based in Paris, London and Barcelona
2019 “Passion bi-polar” edited by Laura Valle and Gabriele Romeo, group show with
artworks of Hermann Nitsch at the Bevilaqua La Masa Foundation in Venice and Palazzetto
Tito, Venice, Italy
2018 “Eternity” curated by Maurizio Cattelan, Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Carrara,
2017 “Stilbruch festival” Dots Gallery, Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany
2016 “Street Art Limited” Gallery, Baden Zurich, Switzerland

Private commissions
2022 Commissioned work for the facade of the Venice Mestre city, in collaboration with La
Biennale di Venezia 2022, Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia, Venice, Italy
2015 Murales a Torino Borgo Dora for the shooting of the RAI TV film “La vita possible”
directed by Ivano De Matteo, Italy
2013 – Mural with theme “The environment and energy, if protected becomes resource”
competition for schools organized by Barricalla (TO),
interview on TGR Environment Italy


– Invited to the Italian Tec Week for the exhibition of the work “One and three people” at the
OGR in Turin
with special guests including: Elon Musk and John Elkann
– The work “Kkkrash” selected to represent Banksy’s solo exhibition “All you need is Banksy”
at the Swiss gallery “Artrust”
– Invited by the Swiss Gallery “Artrust” for the international exhibition “Between street and
street art”
– Artissima Fair selects my drawings, Workshop curated by Marzia Migliora: “Draw the
invisible” Sponsored by Moleskine

– The work “In search of a Shelter” was presented during the “AICA Online International

Conference 2020” by AICA Turkey, during the confe-
rence”Artworld, Reflexes and Alternative New World”

– Invited by the “Polo del 900” in Turin for the talk: “perception of the present and future of
the cultural world”, together with Alessandro Bollo
(director of the Polo del 900), Bertram Niessen (director of “chefare”), Eugenio Cesaro
(singer and frontman of Eugenio in Via Di Gioia)

– Action “Les cabinets contemporains” at Castello di Rivoli, (unauthorized action)
– Musée des Confluences Lyon e Musée d’Art Contemporain Lyon, Francia performance “Les
cabinets contemporains” Milano, (unauthorized

– “Love Bombing Gas Lighting” catalogue, Videoinsight Foundation
– Vanity Fair Magazine, 8/10/2022
– Corriere della Sera, 20/04/2022
– Radio “Rai 1” in the program “Te la do io l’arte” by Nicolas Ballario, 2022
– Personal catalogue “Hidden Images” curated by Giorgio Bonomi, publisher Rubbettino
exhibited in the stend of Rubbettino Editore at the Salone Internazionale del Libro and
Bologna Art Fair, 2022
– Treccani, 22/08/2021
– TV TG2 at OGR Torino, by Simona Burattini, 2021
– TV “Sky Arte” with the work “In search of a Shelter” in the program “Io ti vedo, tu mi
senti?” directed by Nicolas Ballario, 2021
– Book “Futuri possibili, scenari d’arte e Intelligenza Artiticiale” – author: Rebecca Pedrazzi,
Publisher: Java Book, 2021
– Artribune Magazine Torino, 11/03/2020
– University publication “Ut pictura poesis. I Testi, le immagini, il racconto” book – author:
Maura Sonia
Barillari, Martina di Febo, Filippo Mollea Ceirano, Publisher: Virtuosa-mente, 2018
– La Stampa (National article), 15/07/2017
– Book “Le Città ideali, utopia e distopia” curated by Paolo Aldo Rossi and Ida Livigni
Publishing House “Castel Negrino”
– Works published in the book “Dètournement: immagini e parole dell’avanguardia del
‘900”, by Filippo Mollea Ceirano, in “Ut Pictura Poesis, i Testi, le immagini, il racconto”
curated by Sonia Maura Barillari and Martina Di Febo, Virtuosamente Edition.
TV TGR Italia Ambiente, 2013


BY Marco Abrate


BY Marco Abrate