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Sara Von Kienegger

Sara Von Kienegger

Sara Von Kienegger, also known as Sara Jasmin Semlitsch, is an Austrian artist, photographer, producer, painter and graphic designer.

During Sara’s time as an Art Director in the Middle East, she developed the branding and corporate identities of leading companies. Her creative flair and unique design techniques, using traditional and digital media, unveils her trademark style which is identifiable in all of her works. A former student of well-known Egyptian artist and calligrapher, Khalifa El Shimy, Sara’s Arabic artworks continue to be widely accepted and coveted throughout Europe and the Middle East. Her photographic exhibit of War Shots in Syria formed the basis for an Edward Bass documentary. Keen to participate in the Faces of the Middle East exhibition, Sara believed the photographs offered a different perspective of Arab culture than what is normally presented in Western culture and the media. Through her art, she aims to inspire people from different cultures – like the Middle East and the West – to understand each other; especially women and young people who are just starting their professional life. Sara aims to motivate them to pursue their dreams.

To further that goal, Sara started a new company in 2014, Art Luxe. She is planning a modern-day factory in New York to promote artists emerging in art, photography, poetry, music and filmmaking.

Committed to the medium of filmmaking, Sara also funded and produced a feature film, in collaboration with James Franco and USC’s film school, entitled Actors Anonymous. In December 2014, Sara hosted an event for Art of Elysium at Art Basel. The organisation works to make art a catalyst for social change by bringing creativity and inspiration to children, artists and populations in need. Exhibiting her art work at the Art of Elysium Sundance event, at Fedex owner Frederick Smith’s home, the following month, Sara’s award-winning collection Fallen Stars: The Mondrian Series was then also exhibited at Art Miami 2014 by Espace Meyer Zafra.

Sara Von Kienegger is now based in London, where she produces works for art fairs and galleries around the world .


2017 Cover Magazine Austria
2014 Best New Emerging Artist – Art Spectrum
2013 Children Eduscho awards
2012 Austrian Government Ecology Award

Solo Exhibition

2020 La Galerie Sonia Monti in Paris, France
2019 “Twilight Zone: Abstract Paintings” Exhibition at JPlus Gallery New York ,USA
2017 “Suspended” Exhibition at JPlus Gallery New York, USA
2017 “Resurrection” Medellín, Colombia
2017 ART MED Medellin, Colombia
2017 White Wall Opening at JPlus Gallery New York, USA
2017 L’Artists Muses New York, USA
2016 Art Fall New York, USA
2016 Art Medellín, Medellin, Colombia
2016 Art of Elysium Art Basel Miami, USA
2016 ‘Doll head’ Singapore

Group Exhibitions

2017 FACES Exhibition at JPlus Gallery New York, USA
2017 Pop-Up Art Installation in Malibu, USA

CATEGORY: Painting


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